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My Family Counts

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My Family Counts – Meine Familie Zählt

A bilingual children’s book to teach counting from one to twenty in English and German.

The book was first conceived when Roesch was 11 years old, a recent transplant from Germany to Houston, Texas in 1996. It was a response to her mom’s proposition to think about things that could make money rather than create endless lists of items to purchase as the holidays were approaching.

All illustrations and handwritten notes are from the original book. As to be expected, there are some errors in spelling (dollars not dollors) and translation (hairbow not hairloop) as well as markers of the time (Euros not Marks). An endearing book from one child to another to learn to count and celebrate a difference in language and culture!

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Hardcover: $19.99
Paperback: $9.99

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